Daugavpils University

Daugavpils University

Daugavpils University Founded in 1921, DU is the biggest regional state university and the only university in Eastern Latvia. DU offers to achieve knowledge in 5 faculties and 53 study programmes. The university has a big city campus that gives students lots of opportunities for activities beside their studies. For example, they can get involved

Daugavpils University

Founded in 1921, DU is the biggest regional state university and the only university in Eastern Latvia. DU offers to achieve knowledge in 5 faculties and 53 study programmes.

The university has a big city campus that gives students lots of opportunities for activities beside their studies. For example, they can get involved in the student journal, work in a health care centre or learn a foreign language.

Academic Programs

DU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as research opportunities. The university’s main academic disciplines include Russian philology, pedagogy, and intercultural communication. Founded in 1921, the university is currently the largest regional state university of Latvia. It is a leading institution in Eastern Latvia, offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in numerous fields of study.

It is a multicultural educational institution where students from all over the world come to study and exchange experiences. This provides a rich cultural diversity that helps to broaden students’ horizons and opens new doors for them in their career development. DU offers a variety of study abroad programs for foreign students, which are available for a semester or an academic year. All courses are taught in English or Russian, and the DU diploma is fully recognized in Europe and around the world.

The student body is diverse, and there are many activities to take part in outside of class. Students can participate in the Student’s Journal “Lai Top!”, join The Association of Young Scientists of Daugavpils University ‘DUJZA’, work at the Health Care Centre, and more. The university also has a dance ensemble, art studios, and the student center for science.

In addition to its traditional educational programs, the university is engaged in cutting-edge research in a number of fields. Its scientists cooperate with other institutions and organizations on national and international levels, making significant contributions to advancement in various scientific fields. Their achievements have received recognition by the government of Latvia and other international bodies.

Campus Life

Founded in 1921, Daugavpils University is the largest regional state university and one of the oldest higher education institutions in Latvia. Today, it offers a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in the fields of natural sciences, pedagogy, social science, management, art, and music. The university is a member of the European Association for International Education and is known for its emphasis on cultural and linguistic diversity.

DU is also active in scientific research, with particular focus on nanotechnologies, biological diversity, social research, and regional economics. In addition to a well-equipped library and modern facilities, students will find a supportive learning environment with knowledgeable faculty members who are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience.

The city of Daugavpils is home to a vibrant culture with significant Russian, Polish, and Belarusian influences. Students will discover an array of festivals and events celebrating the region’s diverse heritage, as well as a thriving arts scene that features concerts, theater performances, and exhibitions throughout the year. In addition, the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city provides an opportunity to experience different food traditions and try local dishes such as smoked fish or potato pancakes.

The city center is a beautiful place to explore, with its cobblestone streets and historic buildings. A number of restaurants and cafes offer a variety of food, from traditional Latvian fare to international cuisine. There are also several parks in the area, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. The city also boasts a large number of museums and galleries, where you can learn about the region’s rich history and culture. Many of the sites are accessible by foot, making it easy to navigate on a day trip or weekend getaway.

Student Organizations

Founded in 1921, Daugavpils University is the largest regional state university in eastern Latvia offering 5 faculties and 53 study programs. The University’s motto is “Through Knowledge You Win” and scientists conduct research in such areas as literary science, linguistics, history, biology, ecology, environmental sciences, economy, sociology, psychology and education.

Student life is active at DU, with numerous student clubs and organizations that offer students the opportunity to explore their passions while developing leadership skills. Students can get involved with student government, debate teams and the university newspaper. Students also have the option to participate in a variety of cultural events, such as concerts and exhibitions.

While students are encouraged to embrace the local culture and engage with their community, it is important that they familiarize themselves with Latvian etiquette and respect cultural traditions and practices. This will help them have a successful and positive study abroad experience.

In addition to academic pursuits, the city offers a wealth of recreational activities and natural beauty. The nearby Daugavas Loki Nature Park offers hiking trails, scenic landscapes, and serene forests. The historic Daugavpils Fortress provides an exciting glimpse of Latvian architecture and culture. And the Mark Rothko Art Centre, a tribute to the abstract expressionist painter who was born in Daugavpils, is a must-see for any art lover.

A sampling of the Latvian cuisine is another must-try during a visit to the university city. Stop by one of the many restaurants and cafes serving traditional dishes, like piragi (bacon-filled pastries), grey peas with bacon, or sklandrausis (a savory potato pie). You can also check out local markets for fresh produce. In between classes, savor some of the best of Latvian beer and vodka at a local pub or gastrobar.

Sports & Recreation

Daugavpils University has one of the biggest opportunities for social activities among the institutions providing education in Latvia. You can join the student’s journal “Lai Top!”, work in Health Care Centre, take part in student dance ensemble, learn a new foreign language or go for sports at the Sport Complex. Every student has an opportunity to spend a semester in Europe under Erasmus + program or receive Else Marie Tschermak foundation’s funding for studying abroad.

Department of Sport aims to develop participation and involvement in different kinds of sports in university students and in the city as well. It is an important part of the university’s activity and its purpose is to encourage the development of physical fitness, intellectual development, as well as personal and social qualities.

Besides training in the gym at the Olympic Center, students can try out their skills on 9 obstacle tracks at the new tourism attraction – Adventure park Daugavpils Tarzans. The tracks vary in difficulty – from children’s to adult’s, so everybody can find something suitable for themselves.

The 7th bastion casemate of the city’s fortress has been opened to visitors – it is now an open-storage chamber where contemporary ceramics from the Rothko Museum collection are displayed. There is also a small exhibition dedicated to the history of the fortress and a photo gallery with photos of the city’s most significant events.

In the new recreation and walking area of the Esplanade rest park, music plays a vital role. Here you can enjoy the sounds of 10 different outdoor musical instruments – drums, xylophone and tube bells. The area also has a sightseeing tower where you can admire the picturesque views on lakes Lukna, Viski and Boltaru and Nature park “Daugavas loki”. The highest point of the park is at 21 meters and was depicted on the banknotes of the Latvian National Bank in 2004.

City Exploration

The vibrant city of Daugavpils provides a culturally immersive study abroad experience for American students. The city’s historic landmarks, diverse architectural styles, and natural surroundings give students a variety of activities to engage in and explore.

In addition to a full Russian language immersion, students will be able to take elective courses, including Russian Literature and Culture, East European Studies, Baltic Studies, History, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, and more. Students will be able to receive European Credit Transfer (ECTS) credits for these courses, making the program highly customizable to fit each student’s unique academic goals.

Located in the city of Daugavpils, the university is home to a beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities. The campus is in close proximity to numerous attractions, such as the Daugavpils Fortress, a well-preserved 19th-century military complex, and the Mark Rothko Art Centre, which honors the Latvian-born abstract expressionist painter. The surrounding natural environment, with its forests and lakes, is also a perfect setting for outdoor adventures, such as hiking or kayaking on the scenic Daugava River.

For a more relaxed outing, students can visit the local parks, where they can enjoy the scenery or sit at one of the many cafes. Some of the popular parks include Mezaparks, Kapsu Park, and Dubrovin Park. The local cuisine is another must-try activity, with the city boasting a wide variety of restaurants and cafes offering classic Latvian fare like piragi, grey peas with bacon, and sklandrausis.

The cosmopolitan university environment offers many opportunities to meet fellow students from around the world and develop lifelong friendships, as well as professional connections. Students can take advantage of the many student organizations and events that are hosted on campus, ranging from social to recreational themes.


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